Create a Hydra in Blender (+ EEVEE Demo)

In this video you will learn how to sculpt a hydra creature in Blender (Dynamic Topology) and how to set up procedural shaders. Additionally we will take a look in to the EEVEE realtime render engine in Blender 2.8.\n\n⇨ Get the project files and realtime recording here (EEVEE file included):\n\n⇨ Get my new workshop \”Mastering Sculpting in Blender\” :\n\n⇨ Get my free Blender Sculpting Cheat Sheet:\n\nRENDERING IN HIGH RESOLUTION\n⇨\n\nCHAPTERS \n02:26 – Start of the timelapse\n03:22 – Use curves for sculpting\n06:40 – Pull out geometry (Sculpt Mode)\n08:37 – Rotate objects using the 3D cursor\n10:54 – Copy transformations to another object\n12:39 – Temporarily save different transformations\n16:48 – Isolate objects\n18:37 – Work with linked object data\n22:35 – Displace Modifier for adding more details\n28:18 – Use the Jitter option (Sculpt Mode)\n31:36 – Analyzing the scene setup\n34:16 – Analyzing the procedural shaders\n41:11 – Analyzing the post processing (Photoshop)\n42:59 – Hydra in Blender 2.8 EEVEE demo\n\nTUTORIALS\n⇨ Blender 2.8 EEVEE Tutorial:\n⇨ Viking Sculpting Tutorial:\n⇨ 17 Tips to Speed Up Modeling in Blender (Tutorial):\n⇨ Filmic Blender Tutorial:\n\nSOFTWARE\n⇨ Download Blender:\n⇨ Download Blender 2.8 (EEVEE):\n\nRESSOURCES\n⇨ SculptJanuary:\n⇨ Weekly CG Challenge:\n⇨ Artwork by Mike Sekowski (Msekowsk!08):\n⇨ Free HDRIs:\n\nADDONS:\n⇨ Sculpt Tools UI Addon:\n⇨ Speed Sculpt Addon (paid):\n\nCONNECT\n⇨ Website:\n⇨ Facebook:\n⇨ Twitter:\n⇨ Artstation:\n⇨ Instagram:\n⇨ Mailing List:\n\nMUSIC\n\”Clear Day\” by\n\”First Noel (Instrumental)\” by Jingle Punks (YouTube music library)\n\”Far Away\” by MK2 (YouTube music library)\n\”Journeyman\” by Aakash Gandhi (YouTube music library)

Vivek R пишет: I’m not sure you’ll check this comment but did you sculpt this with tablet pen? Amazing work!Markazamax Channel пишет: huwawwlearn with fun пишет: i am also creating a big dragonFilipe Matos пишет: Awesome tips, thank´s ZackHoly Trash пишет: you should animate it nowanzatzi пишет: @10.00 unclear how the teeth are create from a plane using a subsurface modifierVINNY пишет: Im finding blender so hard and annoying ; can u five me any tippsDavid пишет: what is the art of fantasy? The website seems down.Skylark пишет: Best intro onto youtube: 0:03Murillo Perecinotto пишет: Hi Zack! How are you? I really hope you see and can answer my question:
When and when no to retopology a sculpt? What are the scenarios where I can just sculpt, set up shading and the scene, and just render? Thank you!etsub haile пишет: awesomeness…exactly what i neededTheAngelArrow пишет: so after days of grinding and hard work of improving at sculpting, i have finally finished making a Hydra head


it took around 3 days or so to finish, i honestly just kept tweaking every little thing for hours until i was happy with it, i don't sculpt much, but with time and not giving up, i can do this, and so can you 🙂

thank you cg boost for inspiring me to make thisTheAngelArrow пишет: this video inspired me to make a hydra, and it's going alright so far :D, thanks for this video, it actually helped me a lot when i was starting on mineTheAngelArrow пишет: i've been trying to make a hydra all day, i can't even get past the damn head detail part, this is incredibly hardunasapres пишет: sick. thank you sir.papercut пишет: your videos are great! thanks so much for the tips! cant believe you have less than 100k subs, you deserve more!!Fabiano Peres пишет: Reptiles have the tip of the tongue divided into two parts.Laura Penwell пишет: Amazing in Eevee with the fire background.. nice projectAln Gno пишет: Great video! ThanksOlirocket127 пишет: Who else got Eevee ad at the beginning? XDTrutiTru пишет: HOLY C R A P THAT HYDRA LOOKS BADASS! I wanna make something like that somedayErik M пишет: could you make a test with the new Pablo sculping tools for Blender ?TiagoTiago пишет: Most of the Photoshop stuff you could probably do with Blender's own builtin compositor.TiagoTiago пишет: Humans are one of the few animals where the white part of the eyes is very visible and distinguished from the rest of the eye (I heard an hypothesis that it evolved to make it easier for us to communicate to others what we're looking at; so for non-social species it makes sense to not have the white part so noticeable); so to make eyes more animalistic it helps to make the white part more fleshy and have the iris (the colored part) occupy more of the visible part of the eyeballs.HydraDragon37 пишет: WoahWilliam John пишет: 39:02Dragonsmyth пишет: how do you pull up a reference image in 2.80?Anvarynn пишет: My only thing is, the sclera being white and so predominantly in view. It kinda got human eyes and dragon lore, but it's an amazing model. Fantastic workPromethor пишет: Thats so amazing, awesome, incredible… I'm NOT there yet. Thanks for sharing this!Malek Mahadeen пишет: bravoBaldoxxx4000 пишет: im already confused learning After Effects, 3d is another dimension to learn…PinkMuffin пишет: this is impressive. I did not expect it to be more than a timelapse but it actually was really informative. Thank youRitwik Rakshit пишет: That's Blender for you Bitches..George supreeth пишет: This format works really well. Thank you for making this.Baar Ajing – Barish_Davicent_Art пишет: Dude!�� you're insanely awesome man�������� Respect ������MC Pint пишет: Richtig geile Sachen baust du !!Shiroe Kuroha пишет: Thanks man, really look forward on thisSquishy Cheese пишет: meanwhile i can barely create a low poly head :/Darius Firestorm пишет: Blender God!callison caffrey пишет: You accent offends me. Also I've subscribed so I can watch your stuff later. Blender tutorials are always appreciated.Snowy пишет: 13:59 XDDdDJeffrey Bringolf пишет: This is rediculousArgie пишет: My man, you're amazing!Hto Ya пишет: GreatxCodTV пишет: o.oNeil Otto Tep пишет: A lil late but Jarretta пишет: This video was amazing !!!!!!!!! One of the best blender tutorials i've ever seen!!!!!!!!! Congratulations !!!!!!!!!Philip Adams пишет: this is just spore with extra stepsjobanpreet пишет: incredible teacher, but on my laptop blender 2.80 is not working,it just popp out cmd screen and close at it own.could u please help to overcome this problem.Heytam Draw пишет: 17min ��SIMONE ESPOSITO пишет: sis jerman äccentBlue Print пишет: god workJlinus пишет: Don't you need uv maps for this?Jlinus пишет: This was really well made! I got so many tips and tricks I didn't know before. You got yourself a sub!• SEVEN пишет: Please make a brick wall tutorial to slam my head oncolymoliTM пишет: warum bekommst du eine overlay, wenn du tab drückst? ich wechsle direkt in den edit bzw objekt mode.Usama Qureshi пишет: Really detailed video extremely loved it! Keep up the good work.ISHIDA пишет: Or you just download it on a free site.Lance de Melo пишет: brilliant tutorial, learnt a lot!Naveed Ullah пишет: What are your workstation specificationsBrad P пишет: Great video, thank you!!!AngryBomby пишет: Sex for Watching Guys
XDTobias Fendt пишет: Wahnsinn! Du bist unglaublich talentiert! Ich hoffe ich kann irgendwann einmal 1/10 davon, was du in blender kannst. Und danke für den kostenlosen content!Game and Gamers пишет: Hore KrishnaServizi&Acquisti Gmail пишет: I read eevee but i didnt see any pokemon !

Just kidding cool video !AFluffyCat пишет: 13:58 WTF XDAlucard пишет: "very simple".. yeah… anyway, great videoGraphics Designing Tutorials & Ideas пишет: Zach You are the best Blender Tutor i have ever scene . I just found your tutorial and learned so much from you thank you so muchAlex Anthony пишет: I'm just starting modeling for the first time. I read somewhere that Blender was the way to go for beginners, but every time I see a master at work I realize I still got a long way to go before even attempting a monumental sculpt like this. In average, any idea how long it takes to get to this level excellence?rust crumpet пишет: That vore maw <3Dragon Lover пишет: so beautifulLoanShark 501 пишет: Now i've learnt alt-d today. Thanks ZachGreg Calas пишет: relay informative thanks for making thisStephen Thomas пишет: I like this method of narrated time-lapse with inserted tutorials to explain certain key aspects in detail. And also enjoying the sculpts you are creating. As a Greek-Cypriot I was interested because it was The Hydra, but as someone living in Thailand it's inspired the idea of attempting a Naga, when I feel ready.Jimmy Jones пишет: This work is AMAZING! Blender newbie here, it seems super complicated to me but really fun and satisfied watching, I'm enlightened 🙂Jackrow Valkov пишет: Your tutorials are so inspiring that it makes me want to use Blender again after ZBrush!ShadyHorizon пишет: jokes on you i clicked the bell twiceTim D Nchantr пишет: Looks like a wild hog early in the sculpt. Haha.Quø Cat пишет: 2:22 "Without further blah blah…"Conrad TenEick пишет: Thanks for the awesome content! When I was looking through the web for inspiration today, I happened to find the real author of your inspiration image: Mike Sekowski at http://msekowski.blogspot.comEssCee96 пишет: The problem you have at 24:45, wouldn't that be solvable by isolating the object with " / " or hiding the other faces with H? orr… would it have still updated the two other heads even though it was hidden?Sean Kilburn пишет: Amazing Video, thank you so much for this! Quick question on vertex paint which you use for the roof of the mouth…Can you use multiple vertex paints to shade different area's of the hydra – for example scars or can you only do one as it's a mask?MrKickasser пишет: Hail Hydra!Rishabh Naik пишет: Do you use mouse for sculpting?Marcus Sparticus пишет: Why are you such a prick. You have a good knowledge base but fuck it all up with your fucking Idiot antics,
Act like a fucking adult for fuck sake.suppositionstudios пишет: I'm generally skeptical of youtube blender stuff but there's a lot of great little tips here that i can't see a downside to. It's 4am and this video is making me want to get out of bed again and go try this stuff out in a sculptBook Book пишет: The artist is Mike Sekowski here is his blog this is the link to the post about his painting you used without permission.Mark Hewis пишет: Amazing tutorial – great combination of real example and 'close ups' for what is happening. All I would add is do not be too scared of how many verts you create with Dynamic topology in Sculpt mode. Edit mode->Mesh->Clean Up-> Decimate Geometry is your friend if you get too keen.

Love all the little tips in your tutorial – my top 2 are 'gg' to limit grab mode in edit mode and 'snapping' of objects to mesh.Isaac Park пишет: One thing I’ll never enjoy with digital clay modeling is that its only good for stills. No other practical use other than looking pretty as it torture the render time with high polycount. It’s like a no brainer, since if you want to use them for animation, you have to remodel them by box modelling. At that point which, you think: I should have just started with box modelling….Tony пишет: 26:33 : That was the most calming music I've ever heard while staring a dragon in the face.

Great work, by the way!ammar пишет: That's is just amazingly done..Stephano Zurita пишет: its pronaunce mike wasauskiJason Coleman пишет: This is a great video, thank you for sharing so many great tips! I really liked this video format, it helped me top learn a lot.Natasha Upchurch пишет: The current version of Blender 1.8 does not work well enough. What specific version where you using for this video and where can I download it?vidyaWolf пишет: Hail Hydra!Davide Halili пишет: Render time = 0.0001 second… That's impressiveRaikoh Advent пишет: I'm still new to your videos, wich are pretty awesome! but, from sculpting, do you usually use a Tablet(Wacom for example) or it's just with a mouse?Rajesh Kalyadappu пишет: Thank you for sharing.
GreatJhoj Beats пишет: eevee game engine cool as famer huss пишет: liked and subscribed because the end of this video !

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