GTA 5 Lazer vs Hydra Speed Test | WHICH HAS THE BEST TOP SPEED? (GTA Online Lazer vs Hydra)

GTA 5 Lazer vs Hydra Speed Test: See Which Is The Fastest Between Those 2 Planes!\n\nThis guide shows you the GTA Online Lazer vs Hydra speed test in GTA 5 Online to see which is the fastest when traveling from one point to another on the map (Paleto Bay to LSIA).\n\nIt’s just a simulation to know which plane travels faster, useful when selling your businesses and you need to travel fast on map.\n\nThe Lazer will take off much faster than Hydra and is much better in day to day combats.\n\n► Previous Video:\nHow to Fly a Hydra\n\n► Another Video:\nWhich is Better? CEO or MC?\n\nSupport me on Patreon:\n\n\n————–\n\nMusic provided by Argofox:\nTheDiabolicalWaffle – Catalyst\n

NG Konnor пишет: One question is the hydra supposed to be slower than a oppresser and if not can someone tell me why i go so slowSome guy in the Internet that talks пишет: Lazers top speed is alot slower than the hydra and the hydra has a tighter spread in the mg super fast fire rate and has vtolKhakiShark пишет: Awesome video, cow music ��Ahmed Elfadil пишет: you were delaying the lazer stupidJulio Hernandez0176 пишет: The hydra is faster than the laserUltraGaming пишет: to make the hydra faster on take-off hold brake and pull the left joystick backward (in VTOL mode)Heart пишет: He's flying at Low altitude so there's not really a speed comparisonfahd labed пишет: Bro how I get the explosive mg on the hydra or Lazer ����Furkan Kaya пишет: Lazer > HydraFearsomeTiger86 пишет: You can get a hangar in fort zancudo, get the cheapest one. So when u steal the lazer u only get 2 stars which is easy af to escape and dont even need to waste time calling lester. You also can spawn at the fort zancudo base as u have a hangae there, so basically u save 5.5mil and just have the lazer completely to ur self and easy af to get and you can get it when ever,anytim you need to.Hina Mishra пишет: Lazer is speedКонстантин Скляров пишет: I love hydraMae Robinson пишет: Ty for not bs ing around like many other you tubers do and getting straight to the point, whilst still giving your honest opinion, how is this channel not bigger, it blows my mind. Keep up the good work man, because with hard work comes great rewards 🙂Chris пишет: Just use the hydra speed glitch

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