Heretic Knives Hydra: Powerful, bold and truly bad ass

Anthony (T.J.) Marfione has created a more easily carried single-action OTF with all the power and badassery we could hope for from a larger, slightly less practical one. Complete with a mirror polished blade and copper hardware, this one is as much art as it is tactical.\n\nFollow TJ at @heretic_knives on Instagram\nFollow me too if you want @jimskeltonknives

Justin Horn пишет: That red halo 5 is way better than that wannabe halo 4 with a bowtieJustin Horn пишет: I love ur halo 5 red id give u my new halo 6 and money or another microtech otf for ur H5redJustin Horn пишет: U got some very nice guns. Do u do any videos on ur firearms?Ryan Travis пишет: Are these still made? Everywhere I can find them they say it’s discontinued. Anyone know where to find one? Will they do more runs in the future?Waqar Ghulam пишет: Oh why did you change the blade in that knife., so sadTroy Wheatley пишет: Im late to the show but better then never….BadAss! But hell now that you said it, cant unsee the dingus , lol . Even still I like this one, thanks for sharingmatty d пишет: Pretty sure that pocket clip is an H for Heretic but hey what do I know?TRESHUL BONEYA пишет: Otf triton knife online shoping orderSonny Gunz пишет: So you don't have to be Military or LE to send Microtech your automatic for warranty work and have them send it back to you? I hope this changed cause that was weak. I have over a dozen OTF/side opening autos from them and worry about not being able to get a replacement action spring which I've needed… I just make a new hook on the end of the spring but that makes the action stronger…I wish they would just mail me some!!!! But I'm not going through a dealer and there are none in SA TX anyway. Should be some with our laws getting really good September 1,2017!!!!!Marsmith пишет: Marfione's son goes to my school no jokepaul axton пишет: The production model is available of this knife for 425.00 no where near as nice but 1/2 the weight and 154 cm blade steel aluminum handles the pocket clip not as nice,I wish TJ would have kept the same design in that. The double Begg pocket clip would have been awesome and I would have been willing to pay 600.00 if that was left alone.Torling пишет: A lil dingus, yeah. a lil peepeeIll Will Bill пишет: Still with the ounces only, eh? How about them there metrical units that the internets use for the, what'sit — "international au-dee-ance" 😛rage ball пишет: anyone else want to know how to remove the lock to build a ballistic knifeMichael Bonade пишет: BTW..i have a 12/1995 HALO-AP (plain edge blade) on it's way to me (1000 pcs total- 500plain edge/500serrated)…it will be ,my first Halo model, i want the Halo5 next…2-tone models like yours are rare, but i would like a textured button model…Michael Bonade пишет: i'm not totally surprised at the slower rate of sales on this new line of Marfione customs….i think Microtech as a whole has lots of (too many) OTF offerings, and i think fans and collectors of the brand-production and custom- would like to see more manual action and auto folding models …also, the cosmetics of the materials and finishing might have a limited appeal …i DO NOT doubt the quality for one second though….the size and added safety features are a huge plus to the model…i think adding a different finish option would helpPhilocognition пишет: Chaka Khan!kNife Nut пишет: The knife is cool but why does it look like it came from a cheap Chinese Mtech design. Its the paint and the clip that really makes it look that way to me. For that money I'll take a RocksteadRoberto Amoros пишет: Isn't the clip an H?Duarte Marques пишет: I see something like a spartan helmet on the pocket clip 😉Flying Hellfish пишет: What's on the other side of the Certificate of Authenticity? You never did show it.DrakeDragonheart пишет: One thing that I've always wondered is why Marfione Customs and now Heretic doesn't use titanium for the chassis. I get with Microtech I guess it's to cut costs but even with something like the custom Combat Troodon/Interceptor like yours or the Halo IV or the Hydra they still use just SS. Even on a Dragonslayer that can reach a price equal to say a Timascus integral from Dalibor or one of Stan Wilson's, it's still SS. Some have said the Ti won't fare well in the long run with all the moving parts but that can easily be remedied by adding steel plates/inserts where there's friction. Marfione uses quite a bit of Ti in the custom folders so it should be a no brainer to use.Chromosome Factory пишет: Pictures for PVK? THose scummy shits? blahPete Horn пишет: attention to detail is real. good god. beautifulChris The Accountant пишет: The stone wash looked sickaoxomoxoanyc пишет: Just curious- is the charging handle (or "handel") strong? that copper looks a bit thin from its sculpting & holes. Otherwise, a very cool sleek build, obviously a lot went into it.Andrew Delashaw пишет: Haha haha "HANDEL" derp.
What is the finish on the chassis? (DLC or Cerakote?)Jbullfrog 81 пишет: That knife is not worth that price I'll take a Microtech Troodon any day over that knife!paul greenwood пишет: Just to re-cap then, it's well made, weighs the same as a small anvil, needs three distinct operations to use and then re-use, and costs as much as many budget cars. Appreciating that yours is a 'custom knife' channel where cost is a secondary consideration, I still reckon this example is 'all show and no go'. No disrespect intended Jim but this is 'The Emperor's New Clothes' in my humble view…….peace.isandov пишет: Got a total knife boner now. Thanks Jim.Steven Yang пишет: Took me a 10 minutes to realize this was made todaynathan manchester пишет: I love you JimmyLane Howard пишет: Very nice �� ��Frank Forte пишет: nice video Jim..always look forward to the next one..btw the knives you are making need to get under that lens…js well done buddyGunCollector007 пишет: Gorgeous knivesTrue Born Son Of Liberty пишет: Wait, OMG- did they really spell handle wrong on the certificate of authenticity? Lol.True Born Son Of Liberty пишет: Crazy, but when looking at the thumbnail, I said that these were the nicest knives since the Marfione tragoons. This without knowing the provenance of who was involved with this new knife.xRABYx Gaming пишет: don't mind me I'm just scrolling through commentsStav Akkerberg пишет: Why it says "HANDEL" on the card, not "HANDLE"?Seymour1720 пишет: he opens the knife at 4.41Kostas Pastir пишет: just awesome…������Kaiser Karl Heinrich III пишет: Sehr gut Jim, guter Junge. Viel Spaß noch mein Häschen…bussiNoisy Boy пишет: wow sexy knife !! strong knife too!

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