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Space Ambient Mix 28 – DeepMind Nebulae by Pulse Mandala

Listen on Spotify : https://goo.gl/BMyYHF \n\nThe Pulse Mandala’s DeepMind sessions are a collection of very long dark and mystic soundscapes designed for deep learning, studying, meditation, reading, sleeping, space travel … \n\nDeepMind Nebulae represents the marvellous process of creation, destruction and re-creation that has occurred in the universe for millions of years. It shines a glimmering light on who we are, why we’re here, and where we’re going. \nPulse Mandala (by Wim Daans) is using this cosmic inspiration to create organic and drifting soundscapes that mirror the very heart of our universe, and prove that energy could, after all, be sentient. \n\nMusic also on iTunes : https://goo.gl/QGafW4 \nMusic also on Google Play : https://goo.gl/vZrCSN \nMusic also on Amazon : https://goo.gl/p5yVH1 \n\nVisuals rendered in Artmatic-Voyager \nMusic composed by Wim Daans – Pulse Mandala\n\nwww.wimdaans.com \nwww.pulsemandala.com\n\nIf You’re an Ambient Space music Producer and would like to share it, message me. I can use Your album in the next mix. I accept only real Space Ambient Music. Without explicit rhythm and percussion. Only truth sounds and vibrations of the Cosmos 🙂 \n\nFacebook – http://www.facebook.com/JediMasterStudio\nYouTube 1st – http://www.youtube.com/c/JediMaster\nYouTube 2nd – http://www.youtube.com/c/JediMasterStudio\nWebsite – http://www.jedimasterstudio.pl\nBandcamp – http://www.jedimaster.bandcamp.com

JediMaster пишет: Enigma Intergalactica, the cradle of stars, the birth of the very fabric of space and time. I wonder what other cosmic secrets these nebulae will reveal to us … any thoughts ?Mark Cryptoking пишет: Space cowboy vibesВиктор Ярцев пишет: Амбиэнт!!!!!!! Видео!!!!! Кораблик пролетел замечательно! Астероиды пропорхали отлично! Но где обломки чего не попадя-то??? Амбэнт сюаристичный однако!Maxim Margoc пишет: time to chase thr Elephant.Ben DeGuire пишет: Firefly vibes!
(Space western style TV show, which famously ran for one short season, despite critical acclaim.)Adam Molotov пишет: S U P E R !
Pulse Mandala is fuckin awesome!Tom Gray пишет: I hate standing watch going through these debris fields.Cloud9Mitchell J пишет: You da man! Thank you much, for my mental stability at night and day while i speedrun and degen away with Super Metroid. ✌Piotr Terlecki пишет: A very similar music to the one Mateusz Szkutnik composes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEgQGE1TPGoDaniel Satterfield пишет: How does one develop this type of dynamic video? I've always wanted to see these ambient mixes with dynamic images, and this is the first that I've seen. Is it via pure animation, or is there a specific software that allows for easy design?Cote Nelson пишет: Has that wastelandish/orion feelMomma Maria пишет: Sounds like there's some steel guitars in there! I love steel guitars, that haunting sound they can make. So very hard to find any music with steel guitars in it.Morca Lustig пишет: WOW…The Mask of Nobody пишет: Love this! Wish I had a 80 inch big screen tv!!!! I'd sit in the dark and trip out on the music and awesome video!!!Udnas Navzar пишет: awesome … just awesomealightvlogging пишет: Thank you.Allyce Povick пишет: my fav 3 hr yet! Wish it was 10!Estelle Delta пишет: Made with S A M P L E S…. very pure.Yu Ze пишет: Oh My God! Infinitely Stunning … ))) Cosmic Guqin Sound…. Ah…♥♥♥Интуиция ! пишет: Ролик супер! Класс! Лайк! Спасибо!You Juhwan пишет: feels like I'm in starcraft game hahaHL Hughes пишет: If I didn't like this marvelous music–Space Ambient–I wouldn't be here every day.Vanderléia de Oliveira Felix пишет: Magnífico… ������������❤❤Csaba Pongor пишет: Excellent music. While there are more industrial or darker shades of space Ambient, JediMaster still is the cornerstone of the traditional "travelling music": the Eno and Roach path updated to the 21st century. It has just enough pinch of Sedona style psy. Amazing.The Harbinger пишет: WIM DAANS

SLa Fraise Au Bois Dormant пишет: Far-west musicEtan Kohcz пишет: OK , , , CG's; BUT MEDIOCRE, , , ,MUSIC!!!!!!!!!IanBetween пишет: This reminds me of the Borderlands soundtrack.jasace100 пишет: Love and faith = Joy > Fear and Angry = Sadness . @Live Live with joy@Daniel Hardy пишет: Love the deep space mind �� video ����������Daniel Ray, Hardy. Topeka ����������♑♋⏳♎♍⏰⌛♐♉⏳bones, 01 Lincoln, NE.x64Joxer пишет: Thank you! I just bought this song on Google Play and watched for you commersial on Youtube 🙂 Where do you get these great animations?misterjohn john пишет: ;~)Dmitriy Loisander пишет: WOW. Music and background is magnificent!Vanja Knezevic пишет: Jedi, my dude <3Fabian Kurtz пишет: This is so amazing ^^dead channel пишет: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Energy is sentient?
Energy IS sentient!
⭐⭐⭐������⭐⭐⭐Adam Molotov пишет: SUPER!Francisco Velasquez пишет: Nice video, is a good innovation. And even better music. I used it a lot to work and study.Dr Shinobi пишет: why call it a mix when its the same song on repeat for 3 freaking hours ^^TheKasiunia1996 пишет: Perfect ��Jordan River пишет: Dope visuals!Michel Genetay пишет: What a great start to a work day 🙂Orion Humphrey пишет: Perfect before bedtimeMCK3274 пишет: Love this! Visuals match the soundtrack perfectly!thyagohyperlight пишет: a nw portal for another dimension!Moregasm the Powerful пишет: Wim is always so unique. The reverb notes I've not heard in anything except his work.

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